MAA E.N.T Hospitals selected Sajix to implement its Enterprise Wide Solution - iHelix. NALCO selects iHelix of Sajix for computerization of their Twin Hospitals. After a stiff competition Sajix has been selected to implement iHelix at North East Cancer Hospital, Guwahati. Guru Nanakdev Super Speciality Hospital, Punjab Sajix has been invited to implement the upgraded version of iHelix.

Case Studies

  • 8 Locations across Trinidad & Tobago
  • Interfaced with external Hospitals, Physicians & Labs
  • Above 400 panel doctors brought into network
  • Integrated with SAP
  • Touching the lives of about 100,000 registered patients being served
  • Dynamic – Real time Analytical Dashboards
Regional General Hospital -Williston
  • A single location – multi-specialty hospital
  • Service on demand
  • Highly secured & Cloud enabled
  • Integrated all functions of the Hospitals and Clinics including Lab and Pharmacy in the cloud.
  • Reduced Capital Costs
Assam Medical College - India
  • Facilitates link up of State Health Insurance scheme with HMIS for efficient processing of claims
  • Central Server with all nodes located at various point of cares in the Hospital were connected on LAN
  • iHelix with Database was deployed on the Central Server and this application was accessed by the users of different care points.