MAA E.N.T Hospitals selected Sajix to implement its Enterprise Wide Solution - iHelix. NALCO selects iHelix of Sajix for computerization of their Twin Hospitals. After a stiff competition Sajix has been selected to implement iHelix at North East Cancer Hospital, Guwahati. Guru Nanakdev Super Speciality Hospital, Punjab Sajix has been invited to implement the upgraded version of iHelix.


IMPROVE PATIENT HEALTH : A single view of a patient record supports better clinical decision-making and risk analysis, particularly where allergies, medications and co-morbidities are concerned. COLLABORATION : Collaboration can only occur with the exchange of vital clinical data between healthcare organizations. The exchange of information only occurs if it is seamless and uncomplicated to use. iHelix makes all this possible through simple connection points across the continuum of care.

SAVE TIME : iHelix EHR reduces the time a caregiver spends searching for relevant patient information and ensures that treatment can begin immediately with up to the second real-time information.

REDUCE COSTS : iHelix EHR eliminates the cost of duplicate tests and procedures by providing rules to check for for those situations thus reducing denied claims and wasted resources.

Sajix iHelix System provides an integrated suite of accounting and financial modules for managing your facility's financial operations, resources and personnel. Drill down to individual charges or move out to see how the whole organization is doing in real-time. With information from iHelix accounting and financial modules, managing your organization's finances and resources has never been easier.
Patient Billing Module is an integral component of the Hospital Information System (HIS). Hospital provides various types of hospital services i.e. Inpatient, Outpatient and Emergency to various categories of patients such as general, private, staff & their dependants, poor / free, Government / Charitable organizations, insurance covered etc. Payments are collected on different accounts i.e. registration charges, OT charges, diet charges, lab charges, bed / room charges, miscellaneous charges like issue of blood bag units. A secure, user friendly, web-based tool designed for patients to manage their own patient record and communicate with their healthcare providers.

Sajix Patient Portal is a secure and private web-based portal. It enables patients and healthcare professionals to exchange documents, images, results and messages. Patient Portal helps patients become more involved in their care by helping to provide a clear understanding of what they need to do, which in turn can result in a better patient experience and improved health outcomes.

  • Providing secure access to their health information
  • Improving communication with their care providers
  • Helping them to take responsibility for their own health
  • Providing easy access to relevant and current reference information


• Electronically delivering summary of care documents, showing appointments, fielding routine inquiries and providing communications between patient and provider
• Eliminating the need to print patient reference information
• Enabling patients to view, download and transmit their health information
• Significantly reducing patient wait times
Patient Portal helps Eligible Providers (EP) and Eligible Hospitals (EH) meet Meaningful Use criteria by providing patients with:

  • An electronic copy of their health information
  • Timely electronic access to their health information
  • Specific educational resources
  • The ability to view, download and transmit their health information

Laboratory & Radiology Management

Our Lab module is flexible to take care of lab tests, diagnostic imaging tests or radiology tests and services. As part of master data, we can define which tests or services follow conduction flow. It means HIMS will impose workflow for those tests to ensure they record the test or service conduction details and write report. So we can have some tests done in IP wards without any conduction flow.

  • Diagnostic Schedules
  • Pending Tests/Services
  • Sample Collection and Sample Bar-Code generation and printing
  • Sample Assertion Flow
  • Test Conduction/Validation
  • Reagent/Consumables Tracking
  • Sign-Off Reports
  • Test Re-Conduction Flow
  • Amend Reports/Add Addendum
  • Report Hand-over
  • Alerts to patients on report readiness through SMS
  • Incoming Sample Registration, Billing & Conduction Flow
  • Equipment Calibration
  • Out-House Tests
  • Duplicate Reports
  • Flexible Template Creation
  • Insertion of images to the diagnostic reports
  • Sample ID Generation (automatic or user defined)
  • Bar-Code Printing of sample IDs
  • Master definition of Reference Ranges based on Age and Gender.
  • Flexible expression based formulas to define which results are normal, abnormal or impossible.
  • Automatic interface to lab equipment (uni, bi-directional and HL7 based)
  • Various features needed for JCI requirement – such as Turn Around Time Calculations
  • Display of previous result values for repeated tests
The Appointments & Scheduling Module in a Hospital Management Information System covers the fixation of patient appointments and scheduling of each department’s activity. Appointment fixation is the activity, which allots prior dates for those patients who desire to see a doctor or visit the hospital. It keeps track of available slots in various categories of appointments. Patients are given appointment under various categories such as Outdoor Patients Department (OPD), Special Clinic OPD, Lab, Minor Operation Theatre and Main Operation Theater etc.
The IP Clinical Management module will enable a hospital to go paperless and its purpose is to help automate tracking of activities in the ward based on the Doctor’s orders. So first it captures the orders of doctors for all types of billable and non-billable services, like, doing tests, providing medication or cleaning the patient. It also captures all the actions of nurses in terms of what time the activity was done and the pending work. The notes of nurse are also captured. It also facilitates easy entry of all intake-output and vital parameters by the nurses.
IP Case Sheet:
The screen is a summary of the activities for the admitted patient with mini windows displaying the summary of Doctor Notes, Nurse Notes, Patient Activities schedule, Vital Parameters.
Doctor Notes:

  • Free text entry based notes with flexible billing option.

Nurse Notes:

  • Free text entry based note taking.

Vitals, Intake/Output Tracking:

  • Like BP, weight, height, pulse with reference range highlights

Nurse Activity Tracking:

  • The system generates activities based on Doctor Orders
  • Nurse can add additional activities done

The Discharge Summary module allows for storing and printing of all the discharge summaries of patients.
iHelix provides a pluggable reporting infrastructure and a generic Report Builder interface to accept filters and parameters from the user at runtime to generate custom built reports. Reports can be generated in PDF/XL/CSV/Text Formats.

  • Consolidated Financial Dashboard
  • Revenue Accrual Report
  • Revenue Report with the flexibility to group by Doctor/Department, Charge Heads etc
  • Collections Report
  • Doctor-wise Revenue Report
  • Outstanding Reports – Patient/Sponsor-wise.

Financial Reports

  • Bills Charge-wise Reports
  • Day Book
  • Deposits Reports
  • Patient Dues Reports
  • Patient Details Reports
  • Patient IP/OP Statistics
  • Admit Discharge Trend and Bed Occupancy Reports
  • Sales Bills Reports
  • Sales Item wise Reports and Sales VAT Based Reports
  • Sales/Issues ABC Analysis Reports
  • Purchase Tax Reports
  • PO Reports
  • Stock Movement Reports
  • FSN Reports
  • Doctor Consultation Reports
  • Prescribing Order Details Reports
  • Doctor Appointments Reports
  • Tests Scheduled Reports
  • Surgery Appointments Reports
  • Diagnosis Codes Report
  • Procedure Codes Report
  • Lab Value Based Reports
  • Vitals Reports
  • Insurance Claims Reports
  • Insurance Claims Details Reports
  • Insurance Batch Reports
Deals with Hospital Equipment / Materials / Inventory Purchase and Supply to different Departments, Requisitions for different items/equipments are send to this store from different Departments and accordingly CSD issues Item/equipment to the various departments. CSD also maintains purchase records, stock, and supplier list, Item/equipment / material Master tables and also takes care of the Inspection details.
In an Application Managed Service configuration, Sajix Health professionals monitor, maintain, upgrade and optimize the Hospital Operations.
24/7 specialist support to ensure critical applications stay available and meet agreed service levels. This level of support is in addition to standard support services. Problem isolation and diagnosis for individual environment components, end users and integration points (including third party applications.) System stability and minimized downtime via guaranteed response times and rigorous change management tools and processes.

Performance monitoring, using real-time analytics and alerts, to proactively manage or fix potential problems. Growth and system performance insight reports to assist future planning and avoid system health issues. A predefined software upgrade schedule with a maximum of three upgrades per calendar year. The exception being upgrades required for major security threats or operational incidents.