Lifeeazy Home Care

Aging parents are becoming concern for many fast upward moving professionals for both who are living in India and abroad.

Elders acutely require assistance and support during temporary setbacks to health like acute health condition or surgical interventions. During this time it becomes more than necessary for the immediate family members, relatives or friends to step in and extend the required help. But unfortunately this help may not be extended till the patient recovers completely. 

This is where Lifeeazy can extend the much needed trusted support. Our care plans ensures a constant monitoring of the patient and keep the near & dear ones updated about the patient in all forms including updating the portal with the latest progress notes and reports. This will enable the near and dear ones to seek alternate opinion.

Our care plans are put into practice by highly qualified Doctor’s and paramedic staff.
Our care plans also ensures regular visit by the Doctor’s, Nurse and other para medic staff. This pro-active reach by us helps in early diagnosis of any disorders ensuring a proper and timely medical intervention. 
A service offered for NRI customers who would like to keep a watch on their parents’ health and medical records specially catered to NRI needs. You can monitor the well being of your parents from any place. It will help you monitor all health records, diagnostic tests and on-going treatments under one secure login.
Our Home Care services offer multiple packages like:

  • Diabetic Health Package
  • Obesity and Dietary Package
  • Cardiac Health Package etc…