MAA E.N.T Hospitals selected Sajix to implement its Enterprise Wide Solution - iHelix. NALCO selects iHelix of Sajix for computerization of their Twin Hospitals. After a stiff competition Sajix has been selected to implement iHelix at North East Cancer Hospital, Guwahati. Guru Nanakdev Super Speciality Hospital, Punjab Sajix has been invited to implement the upgraded version of iHelix.


Lifeeazy is a comprehensive Healthcare platform for care providers and care users; enabling easy healthcare for the care users. No more phone calls and no more month-long waits but better access to care.

Trying to find a neighborhood physician, pharmacy, lab who meets your needs? With Lifeeazy, it’s as easy as it should be. You can also make informed choices with verified reviews, stay on top of important checkups with tailored reminders, and more.
Lifeeazy eliminates the gap between patients and doctors / pharmacies / laboratories. It gives users the flexibility to book their appointment with the desired / neighborhood doctor, order Medicines, order Lab test(s) at best prices.