MAA E.N.T Hospitals selected Sajix to implement its Enterprise Wide Solution - iHelix. NALCO selects iHelix of Sajix for computerization of their Twin Hospitals. After a stiff competition Sajix has been selected to implement iHelix at North East Cancer Hospital, Guwahati. Guru Nanakdev Super Speciality Hospital, Punjab Sajix has been invited to implement the upgraded version of iHelix.

Why Sajix

Sajix is a leading provider of healthcare solutions and services for multi-location and single location hospitals, clinics and physician practices. Our comprehensive software solutions are based on the latest development frameworks and technologies offering our customers the greatest capabilities with a low cost of ownership. Our services for healthcare providers and organizations span system implementation assistance, system validation oversight, data conversion, process improvement all the way through ICD9 to ICD10 conversion support. If you need help with healthcare IT Sajix has you covered.

We use our knowledge and expertise to help our clients take their business to the next level with results-driven solutions.
Goal Oriented
For each project we work with our clients to identify business objectives and goals to implement a solution that allows our clients to track return on investment to determine what is working along with identifying areas that need improvement.
Quality-Driven Process
Our project execution process ensures that your application works smoothly and efficiently. We employ quality-control checklists throughout the process to ensure that deliveries are met within the committed timelines.
Talented & Expert Team
Our team includes designers, developers and testers that are experts in their fields with years of experience. We have a deep bench of resources that we can draw on to make sure your project gets completed right and on time.
Dedicated to Our Clients
We view ourselves as a vital part of each client's teams. We realize that our success hinges on our customers being successful. We have a long list of clients that have partnered with us for years. We attribute our high client retention rate to our responsiveness to their business needs and our consistent dedication to their ongoing success. We love what we do and are passionate about helping our clients achieve results.
Open Source
Sajix's mantra is to develop on open source platforms using industry recognized standards that give our clients choices. All our applications are web native and built on the premise of database independence. This is in sharp contrast to other system vendors that incorporate proprietary software and databases into their applications locking up their customer and limiting their options. With Sajix solutions you can choose Microsoft Server or Linux as your operating system, hosting an Oracle, MS SQL, OpenSQL or DB2 database all accessed using Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome or any standard browser. You choose. Our way allows you to select technologies that match the skill sets and needs of your particular organization reducing learning curves, lowering costs and most importantly giving you control of your environment.
Simple, quick, reliable and secure access to information at all staff levels. Dashboards and summaries of information that let your staff drill down into more detail without having to navigate to other screens. A clean straightforward workflow that increases the productivity of your staff by reducing errors and automating tasks. It also creates an environment where progress and results can be more effectively measured and managed by senior staff.
We would welcome the opportunity to work with your organization to help you take your business to the next level and achieve your business goals. Please contact us for a free consultation and proposal.