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iHelix HIS, Sajix Inc’s flagship product, offers comprehensive patient info for hospitals, clinics, and care facilities with customizable EMR.

iHelix HIS

iHelix HIS is an enterprise solution offering complete patient info across all care points, designed for small hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities. It features integrated modules, including advanced EMR, allowing clients to create affordable, customized health systems via in-house or web-based models.

iHelix ENT

iHelix ENT records ENT history (e.g., Ear, Headache) and surgical history (e.g., Ear Tubes, Rhinoplasty). Specific modules like Audiology capture specialized patient details.

iHelix OHS

iHelix Occupational Health Service (OHS) ensures workplace well-being and safety, focusing on injury prevention and employee education. It integrates employee management, aids regulatory compliance, reduces absenteeism, and enhances health and productivity decisions.

iHelix Blood Bank

iHelix Blood Bank is a comprehensive tool for managing blood banks, handling requisitions, issuing blood, and stock management. It tracks collection, transfusion, and donor records, ensuring efficient inventory and administration.

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Harness the knowledge of seasoned technology leaders to craft cutting-edge products. Guide your product from ideation to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and attain significant scalability.

Data Digitization-OCR - Sajix Inc

Data Digitization

OCR tech enhances data accuracy and productivity by converting printed or handwritten text into digital formats with advanced algorithms.

Customer Engagement - Sajix Inc

Customer Engagement

AI-powered chatbots for better user experiences, across industries for streamlining processes and increasing satisfaction.

Quality Control - Sajix Inc

Quality Control

Harness the power of Playwright and Appium to deliver efficient, accurate, & comprehensive testing, ensuring enhanced software reliability and performance.

Data Visualization - Sajix Inc

Data Visualization

Transform data into actionable KPIs for better business decisions. Leverage Metabase and Power BI to take data-driven decisions, enabling businesses to achieve strategic objectives.

Devops - Sajix Inc

DevOps Services

Streamline software delivery through automation, collaboration, and containerization. Leverage DevOps, CI/CD, Kubernetes & Docker with Jenkins, Agora CD, Fastlane & Circle CI.

Custom Solution - Sajix Inc

Custom Solution

Tailored software designed for process optimization and enhancement, improving efficiency and boosting business operations with Microservice Architecture.

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