iHelix HIS, Sajix Inc’s flagship product, offers comprehensive patient info for hospitals, clinics, and care facilities with customizable EMR.


iHelix HIS

iHelix HIS is an enterprise solution offering complete patient info across all care points, designed for small hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities. It features integrated modules, including advanced EMR, allowing clients to create affordable, customized health systems via in-house or web-based models.


iHelix ENT

iHelix ENT, records ENT history (e.g., Ear, Headache) and surgical history (e.g., Ear Tubes, Rhinoplasty). Specific modules like Audiology capture specialized patient details


iHelix OHS

iHelix Occupational Health Service (OHS) ensures workplace well-being and safety, focusing on injury prevention and employee education. It integrates employee management, aids regulatory compliance, reduces absenteeism, and enhances health and productivity decisions.

Our Expertise

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01. Hospital Information Management System

iHelix HIS offers complete patient info for hospitals with customizable EMR modules.

02. Clinic Management System

iHelix ENT offers complete patient info for clinics with customizable EMR modules.

03. Occupational Health Management System

iHelix OHS ensures workplace safety, focusing on injury prevention, education, compliance, and productivity.

04. Blood Bank Management System

iHelix Blood Bank manages requisitions, issues blood, tracks collection, transfusion, and donor records.

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